How One Guerrilla Fell Out of Love with the Cuban Revolution

Castro Regime Crushed Huber Matos's Dream of Democracy

EspañolComandante Huber Matos (1918-2014) was a key figure in the Cuban revolution. He collaborated in the coup against the government of Fulgencio Batista (1952-59) and gave vital support to Fidel Castro, supplying him with arms and ammunition to overthrow the dictator.

But as the revolution moved towards communism, Matos was disenchanted. He’d supported the struggle in the name of democracy, but the Castro-led leadership had abandoned any such ideas. “Fidel, you’re destroying your own work,” Matos warned Castro.

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Dix raisons pour lesquelles je suis un Chavista

Vous ne pouvez renier les bienfaits d’un paradis socialiste

Mon récent voyage au Venezuela m’a complètement changé. Je m’en confesse ouvertement : notre monde moderne a besoin de socialisme. Voici pourquoi je suis maintenant un fier partisan de Hugo Chavez et du président Nicolas Maduro.

1. Faire la queue tisse des liens communautaires

Si vous ne voyez pas des lignes d’attente régulières (hormis Black Friday) devant les magasins, vous n’avez pas visité le Venezuela récemment. Ces lignes permettent de parler à des gens à qui vous ne parleriez pas normalement et de songer à ce que vous feriez si vous n’attendiez pas en ligne.


Les gens apprennent à se connaitre en faisant la file pour obtenir du détergent à lessive à Valencia. (PanAm Post)

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Cinq mensonges sur le climat en 2014 et leur explication alternative

Ce que les médias ont négligé de vous dire

EnglishL’année 2014 vient de se terminer, et avec elle son lot de mensonges sur le réchauffement/changement/dérangement climatique. Considérant la partialité des médias francophones sur le climat, voici en rafale ce que vous pourriez avoir manqué.

L’année 2014 est la plus chaude jamais enregistrée

Depuis que l’hystérie climatique contrôle le monde, on parle sans cesse que l’année X est la plus chaude jamais enregistrée; c’est le cas pour 2014.

Or, il n’en est (probablement) rien. En effet, les données satellitaires sur les températures ne montrent non seulement aucune hausse des températures depuis 18 ans – les modèles climatiques sont un échec presque total quant à leurs prédictions –, mais 2014 n’est même pas la plus chaude pour cette même période. De plus, si on regarde une image plus large, la période chaude moderne n’est rien comparée au climat vécu au courant de l’Histoire humaine.

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Protectionism Pulls the Plug on Argentina’s Creativity

Inflated Tech Prices Stifle a Generation of Spotify Stars


After almost 12 years of rule by the administrations of Néstor and Cristina Kirchner, state protectionism in Argentina has become an entrenched moneymaker. It has created and continues to benefit a privileged class at the expense of the rest of society. Now, through the manipulation of exchange rates, excessive duties on imports, a wide variety of taxes, and elevated transport costs, Argentineans suffer the highest prices for electronic goods in the region.

According to the Iprofesional website, buying the latest make of television, smartphone, or tablet will set Argentinean consumers back up to double what shoppers pay in neighboring Chile. Kirchnerism has isolated Argentina from the world and condemned it to severely lag behind when it comes to technology. Not only is choice limited, the technology available belongs to previous decades. Prices — despite all trends elsewhere to the contrary — only continue to rise.

Teresa Parodi, ahora a cargo del Ministerio de Cultura, ha sido una de las artistas más beneficiadas en los festivales musicales financiados por el Gobierno argentino.

Teresa Parodi, now in charge of the Argentina’s Ministry of Culture, is one of several artists to have benefited from government-financed music festivals. (Ministerio de Cultura de Argentina)

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Five Climate Lies of 2014

What the Alarmist Media Didn't Tell You

FrançaisThe year 2014 has come to an end, and with it its lies about global warming. Given the media bias towards the subject, here are five myths that deserve your attention.

2014 the Hottest Ever Recorded

Since the climate hysteria has been created, it seems that every year is hotter than the preceding one. Some would lead you to believe it was the case for 2014.

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As a Cuban Exile, I Feel Betrayed by President Obama

Monarch Raúl Deserves a Courtroom, Not US Legitimacy

By Carlos Eire

I am furious, in pain, and deeply offended by those who laud this betrayal of the Cuban people as a great moment in history.

My family and native land were destroyed by the brutal Castro regime. In 1959, as an 8-year-old, I listened to mobs shout “paredon!” (to the firing squad!). I watched televised executions, and was terrified by the incessant pressure to agree with a bearded dictator’s ideals.

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Jeb Bush’s Flash in the Pan

Don't Let CNN Tell You Who Your Candidate Is

EspañolCNN’s most recent telephone survey gives former Florida Governor Jeb Bush frontrunner status for the Republican Party’s 2016 presidential candidacy. Meanwhile, a Rasmussen Reports’ poll shows 53 percent of likely voters reject the idea of Jeb Bush as president.

Despite his defense of big-government policies, 23 percent of the 453 respondents who participated in the CNN poll claim to be more likely to support Jeb Bush for the GOP’s 2016 president nomination than any other candidate. Yet, when asked specifically whether Bush should be the GOP’s nominee in 2016, only 33 percent of the Rasmussen Reports respondents said yes, while 34 percent said no.

As major publications focus on Bush getting the most support, while Kentucky Senator Rand Paul tied with former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee for fourth place, they are burying the much less covered Rasmussen Reports’ poll.

Establishment media outlet CNN is handing establishment candidate Jeb Bush frontrunner status. (JB Facebook)

Establishment media outlet CNN is handing establishment candidate Jeb Bush frontrunner status. (JB Facebook)

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A Lesson from Europe: Relax about Immigration

Legal Migration Would Beat Criminals, Make for Wealthier Societies Worldwide

EspañolEvery year, thousands come from the south to hazard the border crossing. Would-be migrants face arduous journeys, razor wire, and armed guards. Most flee poverty or repression, all are in search of a better life. Mistreatment and deportation are likely.

The picture could be along the militarized US-Mexico border. But this is in Europe — or, more accurately, Ceuta and Melilla, Spanish enclaves in Morocco. If migrants get in, they’re entitled under European Union law to an asylum hearing.

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The Top 10 Non-Thinkers of 2014

Supporting Repression, Spreading Lies: Meet the Hemisphere's "Intellectuals"

EspañolWhile the prestigious Foreign Policy magazine has rewarded the best and brightest minds of the year in its 2014 list of 100 Leading Global Thinkers, there were other individuals with aspirations of intellectual recognition that were sadly left out.

They’re personalities who grace conferences, appear as experts in the media, and give speeches as if they were grand luminaries, seemingly undeterred by only being able to offer falsehoods and clichés. After taking a look back through 2014, our initial shortlist was so long that we had to cut things down somehow — so we settled on only public figures in the Americas who consider themselves to be thinkers.

Allow me, along with my colleague Adam Dubove, to present the top 10 non-thinkers of the hemisphere in 2014. We think they also deserve recognition for their efforts.

10 Reasons Why I Am a Chavista

You Can't Deny the Joys of Socialist Paradise

My trip to Venezuela has converted me: the world needs more 21st-century socialism, and I am now a proud supporter of Hugo Chávez and President Nicolás Maduro. Let me share why.

1. Waiting in line builds community spirit.

If you haven’t seen long queues to stores, you haven’t been to Venezuela lately — and this is not just a Black Friday affair. These lines allow you to talk with people you wouldn’t normally talk to, and about what you might be doing if you weren’t waiting in line.


People get to know each other in the queue for laundry detergent in Valencia, Carabobo. (PanAm Post)

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