Let’s Put an End to Offensive Names in American Football!

The Redskins Is One of Too Many in the Game

I’m an avid American Football fan. The Dallas Cowboys are my favorite team, so I have no love lost for the Washington Redskins. Having said that, the recent hoopla about the name “Redskins” has got me thinking, are they the only team in football with an offensive name? We wouldn’t want to single out one team without making sure all other offensive names were also removed.


The cardinal, found throughout the Americas. (@acuriousgal1)

For example, is it fair to our feathered friends to name violent football teams after birds? The Seattle Seahawks, Arizona Cardinals, Atlanta Falcons, and Baltimore Ravens all have offensive names. Where is PETA when you need them?

Ravens, despite their scary-sounding name, are actually perching birds, not real predators, and cardinals, well they are just cute and cuddly; why do they deserve to be named in a violent sport?

Okay, those are animals not people. What about the names of teams that could be offensive to other people?

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Brazilian Presidential Candidate Wants Homosexuals Very, Very Far Away

Levy Fidelix's Elevated Popularity Outs Intolerant Constituency

EspañolBrazilian presidential candidate Levy Fidelix, mostly known for his “bullet train” project that never came to fruition, made international news on Monday, over remarks delivered during Sunday night’s presidential debate.

The nationally televised debate included the incumbent, Dilma Rousseff (Workers’ Party), and six other candidates. Luciana Genro of the Socialism and Freedom Party questioned Fidelix (Brazilian Labor Renewal Party) on his views concerning same-sex marriage, which is legal in Brazil.

A so-called conservative, Fidelix displayed his intolerance toward fellow Brazilians’ personal choices by stating that homosexuals “need psychological care.” Apparently, homosexuals are crushing the straight majority, and he assured the public he would not “allow those who are the minority to extort the majority.”

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Chavista University Sabotages Economics Conference, and Its Reputation

Student Organizers Condemn Politicized Rejection at Final Hour

encuentro economía

Event organizers claim the conference was sabotaged by university officials. (CDE Unergistas)

EspañolThey say politics and economics are like men and women: different, but they go hand in hand. For students studying economics at Romulo Gallegos National Experimental University (UNERG), politics stands in the way of their academic pursuits.

What was supposed to be an event to enhance the image of their university, the fifth National Meeting for Economic Students (VENEE), held for economics majors throughout the country, turned out to be more than the organizers bargained for.

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Haiti’s Cholera Epidemic Reveals UN Defying Its Own Treaties

Multiple Lawsuits Seek Reparation, Challenge Faux Legal Immunity

Haiti may be on the UN General Assembly’s agenda again, but the real confrontation with the Caribbean nation is set to take place in a nearby New York courthouse. Several groups have hit the United Nations with class-action lawsuits over a four-year cholera epidemic that many studies have traced to Nepalese peacekeepers at a UN camp.


Demonstrators march in Boston against UN officials unwilling to face up to negligence in Haiti. (IJDH)

In 2010, Haiti was devastated by an earthquake that hit the country’s capital, killing hundreds of thousands and leaving an additional 2 million homeless. Shortly afterwards, a cholera epidemic swept the country, sickening about 700,000 people and killing around 8,500, according to the UN mission in Haiti.

Multiple studies, including one from Yale University, affirm that the epidemic spread from peacekeepers in a UN camp about 35 miles from Port-au-Prince. UN officials, however, have refused to accept responsibility.

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Man Up USA: Block Venezuela from the UN Security Council

If Human Rights Are Not Enough, Consider Security

EspañolOn September 18, the United States announced that it will not oppose Venezuela’s bid for a temporary seat on the UN Security Council for a two year term that would commence in 2015. The US decision came after countries in the region unanimously endorsed Venezuela’s bid.

For those who have monitored the assault on human rights in Venezuela — as well as the country’s nefarious connections to the FARC, Hezbollah, ETA, and Iran — Venezuela’s appearance as a voting member of the Security Council would make a mockery of the UN Human Rights Charter.

Unfortunately, most of Latin America is now dominated by a Marxist-leftist cadre of countries that have warmly greeted the Bolivarian regime as well as the 50-year-plus Cuban dictatorship and the Bolivarian Alliance countries.

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Why Puerto Rican Men Should Sign the Independence Petition

End the Discrimination That Runs Rampant in Family Courts

EspañolCaribbean Business has reported that women continue to out earn men in Puerto Rico. On average, Puerto Rican women earn nearly US$23,000 a year, or about $800 more than men — a 3 percent difference. Across the United States, men still out earn women by a significant amount, although that doesn’t infer an unjust “wage gap,” one of several feminist myths that just won’t die.

This important insight fell on deaf ears with the island’s media. It is important, because family courts in Puerto Rico still treat the woman as the better parent and in need of her former spouse’s money. With near universality, women get paid both spousal and child support in custody cases in the commonwealth, even if they earn more than their spouse.

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Cuban Doctor’s Open Letter to Raúl Castro

Jeovany Jiménez Vega: Regime's Import Restrictions Fan Flames of Discontent

EspañolBy Jeovany Jiménez Vega

Raúl Castro Ruz
President of the State Councils and Ministries of the Republic of Cuba
First Secretary of the Cuban Communist Party

Mr. President:

Sadly, Customs Resolutions 206 and 207 of 2014 have gone into effect, and the Cuban government will now further limit the importation of non-commercial merchandise.

These measures are certainly among the most unfair and unreasonable actions of your time in office.

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Varela Reaps Martinelli’s Populist Seed in Panama

"Rival" Successor Follows the Same Paternalist Footsteps

Current president of Panama, Juan Carlos Varela (right), is continuing the paternalism initiated by his predecessor, Ricardo Martinelli (left).

Current president of Panama, Juan Carlos Varela (right), is continuing the paternalism initiated by his predecessor, Ricardo Martinelli (left). (Flickr)

EspañolMuch was said during the last election in Panama about how Ricardo Martinelli’s government was destroying the country’s institutions. Buying off congressmen, the near elimination of the separation of powers, rampant corruption, among other things, became the talk of the town.

Voters could not wait to remove Martinelli from power and elect a leader who would restore the country’s damaged institutions and create an environment of peace and democracy. The public did not want to see Martinelli reelected through his puppet candidate José Domingo Arías, whose running mate for the vice presidential seat was the first lady at the time, Marta Linares de Martinelli.

Juan Carlos Varela, vice president during the Martinelli administration, sold himself as a staunch opponent of Martinelli. The constant attacks by José Domingo Arias and various candidates of the ruling Democratic Change (DC) party helped Valera completely separate himself from Martinelli and be seen as the true opposition candidate.

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Nativist Fears Threaten a Good Thing Going in Panama

Compete on Equal Terms with Immigrants, or Suffer the Consequences

EspañolOn Tuesday, the National Assembly of Panama opened debate over the country’s immigration policy, known as Crisol de Razas (Melting Pot of Races). The 15th and final discourse of this kind will take place on October 2-12.

Panama Immigration

When Panama became a republic in 1903, it had just 300,000 residents. The immigration of at least 100,000 people was necessary for the construction of the canal. (Wikimedia)

This debate presents a challenge: xenophobic attitudes ought not be legitimized, nor should legal immigration system be compromised, as it contributes to the sustained growth of the national economy.

Since colonization, Panama has grown into a global convergence point, something that is expressed in its economic character and ethnic diversity.

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Bolivia’s Inflated Electoral Participation Is a Fraud

Nothing Else Accounts for Sharply Increased Turnout and Registration

EspañolRecently, the register of eligible voters for October’s national elections became known. It affirms that 6.5 million people have successfully registered, including Bolivians residing abroad.

This information makes evident, even for those unfamiliar with statistics, that an electoral fraud of great proportions is on the way. Merely compare this one to previous elections, and to the population and housing census of 2012, to understand why.

Back in 1993, 2.39 million people registered to vote, and abstention was 27.84 percent. In 2002, 4.15 million registered, with 27.94 percent abstention.

For the 2005 elections — when Evo Morales’s Movement towards Socialism (MAS) won — 3.67 million people registered, and 15.49 percent of those individuals did not vote.

bolivia elecciones

Abstention has reached unbelievably low levels in the last few years. (Ibero-American Institute)

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