Immigration Crisis a Ploy to End the Constitutional Republic

Obama Uses Cloward and Piven Strategy to Consolidate Democratic Party Dominance

EspañolIf you’ve been following the latest illegal (and manufactured) immigration crisis at the border, you should be getting a little nervous, if not downright angry.  The Obama administration, via its usual double talk, is now directly carrying out the overthrow of the US constitutional system as we speak. It is high treason and nothing else.

Immigration is where I sharply differ from my libertarian friends. While there are many reasons, the biggest is probably that illegal immigration is being used to transform the US constitutional system and eliminate the voting power of originalist conservatives and libertarians. It is being promoted so that the country will gain millions of Democratic Party voters, some of whom may vote illegally and against fiscally conservative or libertarian policies. Their votes are why Democrats steadfastly oppose voter ID.

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Cars-for-Hire and Kissing Our Economic Prosperity Goodbye

As Freedom Rises Elsewhere, the United States Forgets What Made Her Great

EspañolThe good news is that economic freedom is advancing worldwide. That is the finding of the Heritage Foundation’s 2014 Index of Economic Freedom, which covers 186 countries and encompasses 99 percent of the world’s population. In measuring economic freedom, the index analyzes countries’ commitment to the rule of law, principles of limited government, regulatory efficiency, and open markets. Hong Kong and Singapore lead the rankings as the world’s freest economies and Cuba and North Korea close the ranks as the most repressed economies.

The bad news is that the United States is on an opposite path, as the only country that has registered a decline in economic freedom for seven consecutive years.

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Florida Chomping at the Bit for Legalized Medical Marijuana

Even Before Referendum and State Law, Counties Preparing for Potential Pot Boom

Local lawmakers are ramping up plans to regulate medical marijuana, should voters say “yes” to November’s ballot question.


Dispensaries of medical marijuana might soon be part of the hot spot of Cocoa Beach, Florida. (Watchdog)

“We are just beginning to have discussions,” said Pinellas County Commissioner Susan Latvala. “However, until the rules are written by the legislature, we are not sure what authority we will have.”

Most counties and cities want to have the say on dispensary locations, keeping them away from schools or tourist hot spots. Orange County officials already are moving to block pot dispensaries from the famed International Drive tourist area and are looking at the possibility of allowing the marijuana outlets in industrial areas.

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Venezuela’s Twitter Users Unite for Children’s Health Care

Over 5,000 Children and Adolescents Await Surgery at Caracas Hospital

EspañolHundreds of citizens, artists, and celebrities in Venezuela have shared photos on Twitter using the hashtag #HospitalJMencrisis and the phrase “Children have a right to health care,” as a way to demand that the national government give proper medical care to children and teens.

The campaign targets Caracas J.M. de los Ríos hospital, one of the main facilities for child care in Venezuela. However, for years doctors have been calling attention to the worsening conditions that limit their ability to treat children, due to the lack of basic medical supplies, specialists, and proper infrastructure.

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Maradona’s Personal Marketing: Humble Socialist Paid Millions in Euros

Che Guevara Tattoo on One Arm, Sack Full of Cash Slung over the Other

EspañolI’m a woman, let me warn you, because I’m going to talk a little about soccer. Diego Armando Maradona was the best player in the history of the sport, leaving behind personalities like Di Stéfano, Pelé, Zidane and other gifted athletes. He was not only the best player, but also one of the most intelligent people in the soccer industry.

Why do I say this? Because he says and does what the market demands. The former head coach of Argentina’s national team is now a TV host, along with ultra-Kirchnerista journalist Victor Hugo Morales. Together, they put on a show called “De Zurda,”a joint-production from Argentina’s public Channel 7 and Venezuela’s Telesur.

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Risky Business All-Star Cronies Reveal “Global Warming” Strategy

Wall Street Executives, Washington Elites Call for US Government Intervention


The Risky Business Committee’s news conference where they unveiled a report on the economic effects of climate change. (Watchdog)

Ramping up the focus on the economic consequences of global warming, the newly minted Risky Business Project has unveiled a report predicting billions of dollars in damage if government fails to intervene.

The report is laden with photos of recent hurricanes, floods, and storms, hoping to connect these weather events to the burning of fossil fuels and the connection to a changing climate.

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Taking a Stand with Sanctions on the Chavista Thugs

Human Rights, Democracy at Stake throughout the Western Hemisphere

The US House of Representatives version of the Venezuela sanctions bill passed on May 28. Now a very similar bill is paralyzed in the Senate, as senators continue to debate whether or not such sanctions are worthwhile. Meanwhile, it is our understanding, derived from various conversations with a number of members of Congress, that the White House and some senators continue to oppose the bill.

According to informal conversations with offices of some senators, the main question hesitant legislators are asking is whether these sanctions will have any effect at all. It seems that Senator Bob Corker (R-TN) on the Republican side and Senator Tom Udall (D-NM) on the Democrat side are the two opponents of the legislation, and are now holding it hostage in committee.

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Puerto Rico: Letting Public Companies Default Is Not a Solution

Governor Admits Fiscal Problem, Completely Misses the Point

Español What do you do if you recklessly accumulate too much debt and are having trouble paying? What about when the right solution means cutting jobs and salaries, and making tough political decisions? Well, the obvious answer is: just don’t pay.

As I write this entry, a bill is making its way through the Puerto Rico legislature that would allow public corporations on the island, including the embattled Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority and the Water and Sewer Authority, to declare bankruptcy. This action should send shock waves through the financial community and could be the start of what some experts have warned is a troublesome summer for municipal bonds. The bill could also open the door for bankruptcy for the Ports Authority and Transportation Department.

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Drop Out and Get a Real Education

Life Experience, New Technology Can Teach You More Than School Ever Could

EspañolI have written before about the college bubble in the United States and where it may lead. The current problems in the college system are pretty obvious, just as Mark Cuban stated in an interview last week. How this giant college debacle unfolds will have huge implications and may lead to entirely new ways of looking at education, not only in the university system but with schooling overall.

The American Dream Made Easy with Fake Birth Certificates

US$5,000 on the Black Market Buys You All the Benefits of Citizenship

EspañolIt may be getting harder to sneak into the United States, but once you’ve arrived, getting fake documents in Florida is a piece of cake.

Counterfeit, altered, or stolen birth certificates coming from Puerto Rico are the Holy Grail to Florida’s undocumented. With a phony birth certificate you can live the “American dream.” You can also enroll in school, land a job, and get a driver’s license. (It has also been estimated that up to 40 percent of the passport fraud in the United States involves counterfeit or stolen birth certificates from Puerto Rico.)

The racket was made possible thanks to a law passed in 1917 by Congress, which granted US citizenship to all Puerto Ricans. Now, desperate economic times together with eye-popping profits have created a black market where for as little as US$25 a birth certificate can be bought and later resold for $5,000.

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