Maduro’s Record: One Year in Office, Venezuela’s Worst Crisis in History

The Real "Achievements" of 21st Century Socialism

EspañolApril 14 marked one year since Nicolás Maduro became president of Venezuela. Prior to that, Maduro served as foreign minister and executive vice president. During his first year in office, Maduro continued with the “Plan for the Fatherland,” designed by the late Hugo Chávez, who introduced the idea of 21st Century Socialism and the declared goal of ending the “model of savage capitalism.”


Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro salutes his late mentor Hugo Chávez. Source:

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More to Life Than Meets the Flesh

An Apparition and Remembering What Really Matters

EspañolIn late Summer 1989, a month or so before Hurricane Hugo hit Puerto Rico, I had what could be considered a major religious experience. It is ironic, since I am the least religious person I know.

I have tried not to share this story outside of close family, but it occurred to me that it might be time, because there is an important message within that experience — a guide to faith and works and the universal mind.

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Argentina’s Latest Act of Civil Disobedience: Drawing on Pesos to Protest Inflation

Argentineans' Defacement of Inflated Currency a Symbol of Illegitimate Government

EspañolThere are many ways of measuring social distress. One of them, for example, is the number of people who actually obey the law. That is always a good starting point to figure out the legitimacy level of a country’s legislative and judicial systems according to its own people.

Simón Bolívar said that “When tyranny becomes law, rebellion is a right.” Argentineans seem to be following his advice, rebelling against the misguided monetary policies of the Kirchner regime. They are rebelling against the Argentinean peso itself.

According to Article 283 of the Argentinean penal code, “whoever clips or alters legal tender, and whoever deals with such altered currency for any purpose, shall be punished with seclusion or imprisonment of one to five years.”

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Desperately Seeking Proof of Cuba’s Role in Venezuela?

Scholars and Journalists Should Question State's Incentive to Conceal Information

EspañolWhy does the mention of Cuba’s influence in Venezuela throw otherwise reasonable people into a seeming state of incredulity?

This week, Moisés Naím (a former minister of trade and industry for Venezuela and a former executive director of the World Bank) published an article in the Financial Times arguing that the “enormous influence that Cuba has gained in Venezuela is one of the most underreported geopolitical developments of recent times.”

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Stick It to the Tax Man: Adopt User Fees

Fee-Based Revenues Make for a Smaller and More Responsive Government

Every year on April 15, the free-market blogosphere erupts into a storm of tax outrage — and rightly so. The tax code, with its thousands of pages of rules and complicated forms, deserves almost all of the criticism. The rates are too high, yet not high enough to cover the nation’s deficit. The number of different rules, deductions, and credits baffles all but skilled accountants. The amount of time spent simply doing taxes costs taxpayers millions of hours which could be put to better use. US citizens abroad are finding it increasingly necessary to  give up their citizenship to avoid the United States’ worldwide taxation of income. All of these are important issues to consider.

Source: Internal Revenue Service

Source: Internal Revenue Service

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The Real Losers of the Cuba-USA Standoff and Consulate Shutdown

State Department Denies Academic Experience for US Students

Roadblocks in commerce, travel, and international relations between the United States and Cuba are not new. When the Cuban diplomatic mission in Washington suspended visas in February, the Miami Herald warned that “family visits to the island, as well as academic, educational, sports, cultural, scientific, and other exchanges between Cuba and the United States, could be impacted.”


Source: TU Facebook.

The hiccuping visa system just became personal, as a Cuba study abroad program at my university was officially cancelled on Monday, April 7. Understandably, the professors were not comfortable recruiting students for a program that wasn’t guaranteed to happen.

The faculty-led program would have taken students on a three-week course of study in Havana, an unmatched experience focused on economics and supply chain management.

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The Big Lie of a “Rape Culture”

The Truth Lost in a Sea of Political Correctness

By Wendy McElroy

April is Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month, and it will be used to promote a big lie — namely, that we live in a “rape culture.”

The term “rape culture” was coined by politically correct (PC) feminists in the 1970s. It refers to attitudes, beliefs, and values that allegedly normalize sexual violence against women and encourage the act of rape by men. America is called a “rape culture” because sexual violence is deemed to be so pervasive that all women live in constant danger from all men. The violence or threat of it occurs on a continuum running from sexual glances to physical rape. The fact that so many people are unaware of the rape culture surrounding them only points to its omnipresence; that is, the rape culture is supposed to be as common as air and taken as much for granted.

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