Bleeding Heart in Honduras: Give “Free Cities” a Chance

Startup City ZEDEs Open Central American Country to New World of Possibilities

I came to Honduras to fix Honduras. Much like many white, bleeding-heart progressives who do nonprofit work aboard, I knew what was wrong with the developing world, and what was needed to fix it: countries like Honduras were trapped in a vicious cycle of poverty and societal degeneration that began with the crimes committed by former colonial powers; the United Fruit companies and Standard Oils of the world had plundered and pillaged their less fortunate neighbors to the south; and the effects of those historical ills still lingered today.

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Puerto Rico: Micro-Independence to Break the Status Stalemate

A Bold Solution to a Decades-Old Political Divide

For decades, Puerto Rico’s political parties have been strictly divided along island status lines. The Popular Democratic Party (PDP), currently in power, favors maintaining the island’s current commonwealth status. The New Progressive Party (NPP) endorses the idea of statehood, and even though they lost the election, they did win a plebiscite showing a majority on the island in favor of a change in political status. The Puerto Rico Independence Party (PIP), as the name suggests, advocates for independence.

This divide has permeated every aspect of local politics. The constant battle for power often focuses on which party promises the most stuff, in addition to which status they endorse.

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Border Patrol to Arivaca, Arizona: “You Have No Rights Here”

Small Border Town in Desert Reponds With Huge Courage

In a world of open borders, we wouldn’t need customs agents, visas, or border “security.” For most people, these things are simply an extra nuisance when traveling, but for others, they are a very real threat and a huge imposition in their lives. With very little oversight and the all-powerful trump card of “hunting terrorists,” Customs and Border Protection (CBP) cross the line into private affairs more often than they’d probably like to admit.

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Will Honduras Become the Dubai of Central America?

ZEDEs Set to Become Reality This Year: A Talk with Key Leader Mark Klugmann

By Domingo Soriano

Vista al centro financiero de Dubai desde el Burj Khalifa, el edificio más alto del mundo. Fuente: Belén Marty

View of Dubai’s financial center from Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building. Source: Belén Marty.

EspañolHong Kong, Dubai, Luxembourg, Singapore … for years, these countries or territories have been ranked among the most prosperous of the world. They don’t have much in common. Some are between two large rich states (France and Germany), while others are thousands of miles from the rest of the first world. Some have natural resources (oil, in the case of the UAE), others have had to reclaim land from the sea to make room for their growing population. Some of them were colonies, but not of the same traditional powers. And most were poor 70 years ago.

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The Many Problems With “Equal Pay”

The Market, Not the President, Should Determine How Much Women Earn

By Richard A. Epstein

Last week marked the observation of “Equal Pay Day.” That day is meant to draw attention to how a woman who works full time earns “77 cents for every dollar a man earns,” as President Obama has put it. Though a detailed analysis reveals that the claim of a systematic pay gap is spurious, the president wants to enact reforms to decrease the so-called inequality in the labor markets.

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Venezuela’s Going-Nowhere Dialogue Compels Sanctions

Brazil Coalition Beckons, and Without Pressure, Chavista Regime Will Concede Little

The violence that began between the Venezuelan government and large segments of the opposition last February has now resulted in a dialogue between the opposing sides.

Although there is much wishful thinking on the side of the opposition represented by the Democratic Unity Roundtable (MUD) coalition, a group that includes most opposition parties, the future is far from certain.

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Complexity, Compliance Costs Fatal to Free-Market Case for Amazon Tax

Turning Vendors into Tax Collection Agencies, and Tilting the Playing Field

Taxation of the internet is controversial among those who seek a freer way to fund state functions, and with good reason. The normal knee-jerk reaction to any new or proposed tax is outrage: given the spider’s web of confiscatory taxes that already exist, any more come across as unacceptable from the get-go.

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Maduro’s Record: One Year in Office, Venezuela’s Worst Crisis in History

The Real "Achievements" of 21st Century Socialism

EspañolApril 14 marked one year since Nicolás Maduro became president of Venezuela. Prior to that, Maduro served as foreign minister and executive vice president. During his first year in office, Maduro continued with the “Plan for the Fatherland,” designed by the late Hugo Chávez, who introduced the idea of 21st Century Socialism and the declared goal of ending the “model of savage capitalism.”


Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro salutes his late mentor Hugo Chávez. Source:

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More to Life Than Meets the Flesh

An Apparition and Remembering What Really Matters

EspañolIn late Summer 1989, a month or so before Hurricane Hugo hit Puerto Rico, I had what could be considered a major religious experience. It is ironic, since I am the least religious person I know.

I have tried not to share this story outside of close family, but it occurred to me that it might be time, because there is an important message within that experience — a guide to faith and works and the universal mind.

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